The Holidays Are Here!

Happy Halloween!

The sounds of trick or treat are the harbinger of the holiday season. With this comes the idea that it’s not a good time to sell your home. This has been the conventional wisdom with sellers for some time, and it’s founded in some truth. But those truths also hold keys to getting the most money for your home. Lets take a look at two of these myths and explain how they can work towards your advantage.

1 Life is too hectic during the holidays for buyers to shop for houses. 

True, it feels like there is never enough time during the holidays, but the demands of life don’t take a vacation. While it’s true there might be less buyers during the fall months, you can count on those buyers being more motivated. The casual home shopper is neck deep in eggnog and turkey leftovers, leaving only those who are actually interested in making you an offer.

2 The market is less active during the holidays.

Sure, there are fewer listings at the end of the year, but this is a huge advantage for you. Fewer homes on the market means those motivated buyers that we mentioned earlier have fewer options. Fewer options means they are less likely to get hung up on minor repairs and pricing.

One last thing to consider, showability. Houses look amazing when they are decorated for the fall holidays. If you live in colder areas you might also have an advantage, your potential buyers may have been out in the cold all afternoon and they come into your house, which has only been slightly staged, but there is a fireplace on. It instantly resonates as home. I speak from personal experience on this one, we bought our first home in mid November in the Pacific Northwest! The houses that didn’t feel completely empty stood out!

I hope I have given you one less thing to be scared of this Halloween.

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Posted on October 31, 2017 at 11:33 pm
James George | Category: Sellers

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